CVS Pharmacy Commercial Roof in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Project by Lentz Roofing Commercial Roof Contractor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Look Out For Flat Roofing Damage

Calling in for a roof repair is often one of the last things on our list. But the thing is, sometimes something can appear to be small damage at first. But it could only be the tip of the iceberg. And if that damage is colossal, you could be in for an entire roof replacement, […]

When it's time to decorate for the season, flat roofing in Baton Rouge really makes it much easier!

Holiday Decorating Made Easy With Flat Roofing In Baton Rouge

It’s that time of year again! Time for all kinds of managers and business owners to bring the holiday spirit with their decorations. However, with a pointed roof, this can be pretty difficult. There’s no denying the simplicity and convenience of holiday decorating when you have a flat roof. Business owners can display their holiday […]