Commercial Roofs Need Assessment After Storms

Commercial Roofs Need Assessment After Louisiana’s Harsh 2020 Storm Season Louisiana and the Gulf Coast experienced an incredibly active storm season in 2020. Governor John Bel Edwards calling it “relentless.” It’s more important than ever to ensure your commercial roof is installed, maintained & repaired by a reliable roofer. Storms & high winds can damage your […]

What do you do in the event of bad weather or other damages? Call the best commercial roofing company in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and more! Call Lentz today.

Managing Hail Damage

It seems pretty unexpected for the Sunshine State to see hail, but it’s not impossible. And what do you do when hail decides to strike? Are you ready to deal with the repercussions? What do you do if you have damage? Find out how hailstorms happen in Florida and what you need to do when […]