All exposed low slope roofing membranes get dirty over the life of the roof system from airborne pollutants, dirt, and contaminants.

By Periodically removing the accumulation of dirt debris and contaminants, not only will you improve your roof’s reflectivity and aesthetic appearance, but you will also uncover potential and active roof leaks.

Benefits of having your roof professionally cleaned:

  • Aesthetic: If your roof is visible from the road or adjacent buildings, it may be beneficial to maintain a decorative appearance.
  • Energy Efficient: Dirt and debris build-up on roofs greatly reduces the reflective properties driving up utility cost.
  • Potential and Active Roof Leaks: A clean roof is easier to identify potential or current issues during a routine maintenance inspection.
  • Proper Drainage: By allowing dirt debris and contaminants to collect on the surface of the roof, you are at risk of clogging drains, causing water to back up onto the roof and potentially causing major issues and expensive repairs.

Why you want to use a professional company:

By using a person not qualified to work on the roof, the owner assumes all responsibility for any damage caused to the membrane by either harsh chemicals or high water pressures. This will lead to very costly repairs and could potentially void the roof’s warranty.

At Lentz Roofing, we use the appropriate cleaners and water pressures that will not damage the roofing membrane and identify potential and active leaks as we clean. Any necessary repairs will be documented and presented to the owner or owner representative and a quote will be given to make the repairs. Any work done of the roof will be within the manufacturer’s specifications and compatible materials will be used to uphold the manufacturer’s warranty.

Does your roof need cleaning?

It’s important to always keep your roof cleaned and maintained, as it can lead to various issues if left untreated. Call the professionals at Lentz Roofing, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection and tell you everything you need to maintain a healthy roof.

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