Service & Repairs

Roof leaks are often a bad look for your business and an inconvenience for your customers, but more importantly, they are a liability.

Structural damage, slips and falls, interior mold and mildew are just a few examples of the effects a roof leak can have on your business. 

At Lentz Roofing Company, we pride ourselves on the ability to find and properly repair leaks the first time. With so many unqualified companies in the market, most will do more damage to your roof than good.

What sets us apart?
  • Fast response time.

  • We only use materials that are compatible to your existing material to make patches and repairs. (Therefore not voiding any manufacturer warranties)

  • We thoroughly inspect the entire roof area and make all necessary repairs. (Not just assume we got it.)

  • If the leak is not roof related we won’t leave you hanging. Whether it be HVAC plumbing or some other penetration letting water into your building, we will still investigate and find the source of the leak so you can get the right contractor onsite to properly repair the issue.

Is your roof in need of repairs?

Whether you’re experiencing significant roof damage, or are in need of some minor repairs, we’re here to conduct a thorough roof inspection and point you in the right direction. Contact us today, we’re here to maximize the lifespan of your roof!